BEST OF 2010 – Part 2!! (August-December)

Yay! Part 2! Just as good… if not better than Part 1! :) You can go over here and read/see Part 1, and since I talked lots over there about the year I will keep it mostly minimal here.  Just give you some captions to remind you who all these pretty faces are!  Speaking of pretty faces, not many are prettier than a newborn baby girl’s – in this case little Alyssa, taken in August

And, of course, Alyssa is only as cute as the parents who made her :)

And speaking of CUTE… Ella:

In August (the month of the baby girls apparently!) I shot the Nutt family, who had one little girl and another on the way! Love this belly shot (my first ever belly shot!)

I also got to photography baby Addie, one of Ella’s good friends!

August was also Ella’s friend Libby’s 1st birthday so we did a birthday shoot of course:

This is one of my top top favorite photos of the year!

Annnd another of Ella’s good friends (I guess August could be known as the year of Ella’s friends too!) Sutton got her big photo shoot debut:

And, last but not least, was the only non-baby shoot of the whole month and it’s one of my favorite engagement shoots to date. Krissi and Phil came all the way out to Colorado from Minnesota for this! The first is my faaaaavorite!

Love the yellow!

Can. Not. Wait. For this wedding!

September started off GREAT with one of my most unique shoots of the Hurley family at the fire house!

Then more friends, Ashley and Bill, from Minnesota came out for their engagement shoot! :) I have some darn good friends for them to travel allllll the way out to Colorado to support my photography!

The Escobar family brought some major cuteness to September with their super-fun shoot in downtown Littleton! This is a favorite for sure:

And I got to try my hand a a silhouette photo with them!

Okay, okay I know I am a big fan of the holding hands/walking photos… but I love when people mix it up and make it even better and more natural to themselves, like this one of the Escobars:

Ohh and then there is another all-time favorite shoot. Chris and Tamara’s redo wedding shots! Not really re-do’s because they didn’t have BAD photos from their wedding, but just more like extra wedding photos! And who doesn’t love to get all dressed up again! :)

This one just makes me go all gooey because I love it so much. And now it is a gorrrrgeous huge canvas in their house and gosh, I think I might like it even more!

In October I got to do something I’ve never done… another 1st for KD PHOTOGRAHY … I got to photograph a Great Aunt and Uncle

Then I followed that up with of my favorite families of 2010, the Von-Deitrich’s, and their session was a blast! But really how could it not be when you have THIS much cuteness:

And gorgeousness in the form of a little girly.

And perfect style.

October was exciting for the reason that I got my Canon 5D Mark II and my 50mm 1.4 … LOOOOOVE. And Ella was my first subject with the new gear:  (fun fact: this is her Daddy’s favorite photo)

Speaking of Ella’s Daddy… I finally got the whole Wagner family out in front of the camera at the pumpkin patch and got myself this little gem:

Then I switched back from kiddos to adults and did Greg and Tami’s engagement session at Washington Park … loooove the light in this shot.

I shot my last wedding of 2010 back in Wisconsin for Laura and Matt (who’s engagement shots were in Part 1) and their wedding did NOT disappoint!!  Gorgeous Laura getting ready:

It was sooo hard for me to narrow down their wedding for this post but here are two of my favorite portraits from the day:

Love birds. :)

And finally October capped-off with Halloween and one adorable little Ella cow saying “moooo”

November started out just about perfect with the impeccably dressed Winkler family…. Love this shot:

And the Harber family added some baby cuteness:

The Ripes family continued the super duper cuteness factor for November:

Ella’s baby brother Max was born in the end of November, so we had a special last-day-as-an-only-child shoot for her:

Then over Thanksgiving I got to go back to the Briggs family (also seen in Part 1) and photograph their little darling girl Chloe for her Christmas photos! Great way to end the month!

December was much more low-key than the previous months, but gave me two awesome shoots that were two FIRSTS again for me! The Gryzmala family was a first because they came my way via winning a photo shoot at an auction!  So much cuteness!

Then I had my first ever newborn shoot. Which I now might be addicted to. Infants are sooo precious and special. Little Max at 8 days old:

Love. Him.

This is now Max’s birth announcement photo. Which is SO cute.

I loooove little baby bits.

So dang precious. And such a great way to end 2010.

Thanks for being a fan of KD PHOTOGRAPHY everyone! I hope you all have an amazing Holiday season and a great 2011. Keep comin’ back for more photos, and I will keep putting ’em up! :) ::KD::

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