Granby, CO Engagement Photographer :: Ashley and Bill

I had never been to Granby, CO, and had really never thought about going to Granby, until my good friend from college, Ashley, sent me an email and said she was coming out here in September and thought it would be fun to do her and Bill’s engagement pictures here!  So I had a pretty great reason to drive the windy mountain roads to Granby this weekend!  (And by I, I mean Chris and I, because I HATE driving in the mountains so I made him come with and drive!)

I met Ashley my first year of college, which was her second year, and she was a BIG part of the reason I played rugby in college, so I have her to thank for pretty much every reason I LOVED Winona State!  :)  And since Ashley and Bill have been dating since way back when, I have known them both for quite a long time now! It is crazy CRAZY that here we are … them engaged and getting married, and me their photographer!!  I don’t think we would have believed it had you told us this 5 years ago when we met!  But I am SO happy that this is the way it worked out and after seeing how great they were in front of the camera for this session I can NOT wait until their wedding!!

Anyyyyway, on to the photos, since really thats what you all want to see! ;)  I wasted no time getting them to work it for me because these first few photos are just a few steps from the front door of their hotel room!

Loveeee the lines!

I can’t pick which “walking” picture I like more… the more urban one above or this more rustic colorado one?!

Love the clouds! Love a good field of tall grass! Love kisses! Love love love!

We had to avoid a surprising amount of traffic for these!  Also. Ashley told me she is no good at the “serious” face. But I think she ROCKED it.

Alright. I’m doing it again. I couldn’t pick between these next two. They are very similar but I love them both and so you have to look at both!

It was like I wasn’t even there. Pointing a camera in their faces. :)

BLING!  Bill did a good job yes??  But, funny story, Bill purchased this ring TWO DAYS before Ashley won a raw diamond!  She was joking that she swore Bill and his mom (the only two people who knew his plans to propose) looked almost angry that she won this diamond! Too funny!

We got lucky with some cool urban-feeling spots in the VERY small town of Granby before we headed to the awesome wilderness of Rocky Mountain National Park!

Ashley claims her eyes don’t look blue compared to Bills… I, and this picture, beg to differ!

Side by side of the urban setting and the wilderness setting!


We had to work fast with the sunlight but I looove it!

You guys are awesome. End of story.


Gorgeous view!! We even saw a bear being chased by a fox/coyote/dog/wolf/panther/mountain lion.  We cant be quite sure what it was.

Not my usual style, but I like it!

You guys are so darn cute. For real.

I looooooove this one! Favorite maybe?

Ohh the red barn. Chris gets credit for knowing where it really was, but Ashley and I maintain it was AFTER the town. :)  But regardless we found it! And I love it!!

The bling again. Because it is so pretty!

Cute. So cute!


Per Ashley’s request but I like it!

Ash and Bill – Thanks for being awesome! And I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Colorado!  I can’t wait to see you next June for the wedding!! ::KD::

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Val - I am a stalker and already looked at these. THEY LOOK SO SO SOOOOOO AMAZING! Congrats you beautiful couple you.

Keri Doolittle Photography - AWESOME light in these photos, you did a super-fab job Miss Katie!! Beautiful couple, too!

Ashley - Ahh….so awesome!!! I love them!!!

Mom Loosbrock - Well Katie you sure have come a long way from rugby photos! These are great even if I am a little prejudiced toward the good looking subjects!

Katie Derus - Thanks Mama Loosbrock!! I can’t wait to see you all at the wedding!

Coley - These are gorgeous!! You do such amazing work Katie! Ashley you look so beautiful in every one!! Congrats again!

Katie Derus - Thanks Coley!! So great to hear from you!

Andrea Gosch (sister to Ashley) - Katie, you did an amazing job of capturing my sisters beauty. She is stunning!!! The close up pictures of her and Bill are gorgeous. Their eyes are so breath-taking. They are a great looking couple. Can’t wait for the wedding

Katie Derus - Thanks Andrea!! I can’t wait either!!!!

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