Beautiful Denver!

9 times out of 10 I will choose Wisconsin/Milwaukee in pretty much any debate or contest ever. Ever. Even if it’s completely irrational. Like if someone says, if you could live in Hawaii or Wisconsin for FREE where you would live? Duh, Wisconsin.  Or, which place has better beaches Florida or Wisconsin? Hello people! Wisconsin! :)  What can I say, I looooove Wisconsin!

However. All of this being said, I am finding one thing I adoooore about Colorado. And that is the city-scape of Denver. But what is crazy is that from different directions the city looks different.  Bigger or smaller or closer together or more spread apart.  This is one of the best view of it and I just happened to stumble across it the other day after a photoshoot!!

So pretty. I kinda like this new city I live in! ::KD::

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