National Geographic Contest!! VOTE FOR ME!

What’s that?? You want to see one of my favorite photos of all time?? Oh, why certainly!  But on one condition… you have to go to THIS LINK and enter your email and then vote for said photo for me!! It will just take one little minute of your time :)  And I could get my photo in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE!! BAH!! That would be simply amazing.  Plus I am just a few votes off the first page of images! Crazyness! (Granted, the current leader is at 900-some votes and I’m at 49… but I BELIEVE IN YOU!)

And OH YEAH! that photo we were discussing:


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Jessica Thron - Katie, I had to comment on your photos! They are so wonderful! I know you get this all the time.. but just had to remind you! :)

Katie Derus - Thanks girl!! :) I always love being reminded!! Haha

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