Denver Skyline at Sunset!

So, Chris is temporarily staying at his sister and her husband’s new place, which happens to have this amazing rooftop view of downtown Denver and I have been waiting for a night like we had the other night with a fantastic sunset so I could play around taking photos! Chris and I spent close to an hour doing all sorts of things with our cameras, and I think he maybe even learned something too??   Anyway, here is the AAAAmazing sunset:

You can even see a little peek of mountains through the trees!

Then, after the sunset, we played with some long exposures … so cool!

See the railing in this one?? Yeah, thats just proof that this is the actual view from their roof. Not too shabby.

Then we had some fun with the light from a cell phone… it took a while but we got it!

We had to hold REALLLLLY still to get this… but it was worth it! and I love the stars in the sky! :)

So fun.  ::KD::

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Alicia Guber - i LOVE these photos Katie! you have got some serious talent girlfriend. it may not be for a while, but can you be sure to be around to photograph my wedding? k great, thanks! xoxox

Katie Derus - done and done!

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