Denver Family Photographer :: 5 Gorgeous Kiddos!

On Monday night I met with Rachel, her 3 kids, her 2 nieces, and Grandma for some fun family photos on the DU campus! It was perfect weather, and DU turned out to be an awesome location!! It was like a park, but with way less people to dodge, and lots of fun brick buildings and pathways. And a pond!  And crazy sculptures!  Needless to say we had lots of fun!

Here is the gang ‘o kids … pretty good lookin’ bunch hey? Wait ’til you see their close ups!

The oldest: Brianna … She has a pretty awesome style! Especially for a freshman in high school. I was a hot mess in high school!

Next is her sister: Rebekah.  Check out the freckles! Gorgeous!

Next is the eldest in the other family: Erin … how pretty are her blue eyes?!

Next is the middle child and the only boy AND the only one with brown eyes!  I would say it would be a tough life, but Aiden here is so funny and SO smart and SO SO handsome! :)

And the littlest of the bunch, who probably has the biggest personality … The beauty that is Cameren. I think this one has a modeling career in her future.

Sisters! :)


Mommy Rachel and her kids! So cute. Love this one.

And one last group shot.  How great are those funny face!

Thanks guys! I had so much fun! I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Colorado! :) ::KD::

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