Denver Wedding Photographer :: Ryan and Amanda’s Wedding!!

It rained on the day they got engaged.  It rained on the day we did engagement photos. And so it went that it rained on their wedding day.  Ryan and Amanda- if rain on your wedding day is good luck, I’d say you will have plenty to spare!

Amanda and Ryan went to the same college as I did (Winona State WOO WOO!) and a mutual friend of ours sent them my way when they got engaged.  Their engagement pictures were some of the first I ever did, and I will never forget how much fun we had and how much I started to love this type of photography.  I was terrified last year when Amanda then asked if I would shoot their wedding … but let me just say, I AM SO GLAD I DID!  I got to take a trip back to Minnesota for the weekend. I got to see lots of friend. I got to have a good friend second-shoot his first wedding with me!  And most of all I got to be a part of Amanda and Ryan’s big day.

I knew I was in love with these two and their wedding day when Amanda looked out at the pouring rain and said, “I don’t care if my dress gets dirty, I want good photos.”  Music to a photographer’s ears!  And from that point on we just had fun!  It definitely helped that the Round Barn Farm was an amazing location with lots of awesome places to shoot. :)  Congrats Ryan and Amanda, I hope you are having as much fun on your honeymoon as you were having at the wedding!!

Amanda’s dress was stunning. I think the little flower girl summed up all the ladies’ thoughts when she said “Ohh Amanda, your dress is sooo pretty, I want to wear it!”

And the shoes. My weakness. These poor little guys didn’t make it long in the wet muddy grass, but I think they look pretty great here!

The bouquets were stunning as well! White Hydrangeas… so amazing.  It was the mother of a good friend of mine and Amanda’s who made them!

Prettttty rings!

All the bridesmaids helping Amanda out to see Ryan for their first-look!

Haha, a favorite… love the girls all peeking out the double doors!

Such a fun wedding party!  You guys were all awesome!

I feel like the bouquets deserve another moment in the spotlight since they were just so amazing, and complimented the bridesmaids dresses so well!  ALSO! Amanda’s sister MADE her necklace!  Amanda and I are convinced she should start a business and sell them on Etsy!  It was such a perfect accessory to the dress.

Amanda was walked down the isle by both her Mom and Dad… and the look on her face as she got to the front and saw Ryan was priceless.

Ryan and Amanda wrote their own vows and they were so beautiful.

Mr. and Mrs! :)

You guys ROCK!

Amanda, I am sure you are told this all the time, but you are GORGEOUS!

Minnesota, I hate your mosquitos (seriously 11 bites from this day alone!), but I LOOOOOOVE your amazing bluff view scenery!

I seriously feel like I have known you both forever, and this one just makes me so happy for you!


The barn was decorated SO fun….

Amanda’s Dad’s toast was a tear-jerker for sure!  So well said and thoughtful.

Amanda and Ryan had a personal cake at their table (with Amanda’s Grandmother’s cake topper!) and then each table had a tower of cupcakes! YUM!

This first dance… to “My Last Name” by Dierks Bentley … if you are a country music kind of person, you will love this song!

How amazing is that barn ceiling!  It was soooo high!

I am lucky if I make it through a wedding without crying but the Father-Daughter dance gets me EVERY time.

Even the little ones can dance!

And one last shot of the Round Barn as we left for the night… so wonderful!

Amanda, I know all you wanted was a sunset in your wedding photos, but given that Mother Nature refused to cooperate, I hope these will make you just as happy! Your day was beautiful, and I thank you both so, so much for the opportunity! ::KD::

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Tara - KATIE DERUS these pictures are simply amazing and stunning and beautiful. There are no words to describe how awesome your wedding photos are! I can’t wait for you to take pictures of my wedding :)

Jennie Diehm Giurgila - Oh my word! These are amazing! You did a wonderful job! You brought back all of the wonderful memories (and tears too!) of my sister’s wedding. I will definitely be giving you a call since my husband and I never had engagement pictures done!

Katie Derus - Jennifer – I would love to!!! Thanks for such kind words! :) And Tara- love you… mucho! Annnnd thanks Natasha!! You will!

Balarie Yonson - ummm i love love lovvvve her necklace! its amazing.

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