Denver Family Photographer :: The Schumacher Family

I am turning over a new leaf. I’ve decided.  This is the year I am going to embrace winter, and I am going to LIKE IT!  It definitely helps to have families like this one who also embrace the weather and just go with it!  I love LOVE how this snowy shoot turned out and I am totally down to do more like it!   It was also fun to have a little girl like Charley to shoot because she was just TOTALLY into it and coming up with ideas and just loving to be in front of the camera – her and I got started right off the bat while the rest of her family finished up getting ready.  She’s a pro!


And James the dog made some cameos too ;)


The whole fam!




Handsome Calvin!


After some inside photos we headed outside and I LOVE ALL THESE NEXT ONES!


This is a favorite!


A last couple shots to end the snowy fun! :)


Happy Winter everyone!! -Katie

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Denver Family Photographer :: The Mancherian Family

You guys. These guys are TROOPERS! After we had to do some serious creative rearranging to make sure this shoot even happened we were staring down a a bit of a snow storm the night before and very very cold temps the morning of our shoot. But this family just put on their warmest gear and picked a perfect place where we could do some indoor photos (Hello, gorgeous new Union Station!) and we just made it happen!! I love how these turned out!  Meet the Mancherian family!


These sisters were so fun!


Gorgeous, sweet Naomi on the left, and feisty firecracker Katie on the left (there rust be something in the name, because this little Katie is a lot like me! :)


Love this!! Such real, genuine smiles!


Love this shot of the girls, and I LOVE Katie’s winter jacket and boots – I want them!


Love these shots of the girls!


Thanks for braving the elements for this shoot guys!! -Katie

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Denver Family Photographer :: The Stevens Family!

Being a Mom to two boys can be CRAZY and exhausting, I’m sure. But, as I saw in this shoot, it’s also such a rewarding job when those boys are as happy as Noble and Knox are, and when they dole out hugs like these two do! :)  I love that Mandy wanted to get some photos with her sons and even though I’m pretty sure her and I spent more time chasing them around than actually taking pictures of them, we both had a blast and I LOVE how these turned out!


Sure they’re wild and crazy dudes… but they’re also so sweet and such great brothers!


Love this last one!


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Denver Family Photographer :: The Anderson Family!

It was about a year and a half ago when I first got an email from Teresa telling me she had seen one of my shoots for another family she knew and she was hoping I could fit them in for a session since they had just adopted two children from Ethiopia.  They were in need of new family photos since they were now a family of 8 instead of 6 and I was more than happy to oblige!  Since that shoot (one of my all time favs, by the way!) Teresa and I have been mutual fans/followers/friends of each other and kept in touch with Facebook and instagram and, of course, our blogs!  The Anderson Family adventures are documented at Teresa’s blog, Hugs and Punches so be sure to go check them out! :) But before you head over there – here are the Anderson Family’s new family photos … starting with a few new individual photos of Miss Teresa that I LOVEEEE!


Here’s the WHOLE fam!


Last year little Elsabet was just a baby who had spent her whole little life in an orphanage so she spent our shoot just quietly snuggled in her Mommy’s arms – her safe place.  This time!?? This time around she was a walking, talking, little miss independent who was out for an adventure and didn’t really appreciate me trying to make her sit and smile for photos – she was our escaper!


Im obsessed with these next few. The light. The colors. The field. A photographers dream!


Abreham is SUCH a sweet big brother – love his snuggles of Elsabet here


From left to right: Abreham (the sweet oldest child who loves running – and is SO fast!), Ezekiel (the one who’s fun hair matches his fun goofy personality), Anton (the one who blushed when I told him how handsome he looked, but I knew he loved hearing it), Laith (the one who might have more energy in his little body than all his 5 other siblings combined), Imani (the one who loves a good princess dress up party and held my hand the entire shoot) and last, but not least, little Elsabet (the one who has turned into a fiercely-independent crazy-smart little lady right before everyone’s eyes) …. Yeah, they’re one heck of a photogenic bunch!


Takin’ a little goofy break ;)


All the big kids ran ahead of us and I took a moment to capture the two heads of this family with their youngest.


Love this!


A favorite!


They have no fun together at all… haha


One last shot because the sunset was BEGGING me to do this.


Thanks for having me back Anderson family! -Katie

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Denver Family Photographer :: The Swathwood Family

If you know me you know that I’m a huge football fan (go pack go!), and it’s always a struggle for me to manage making sure I have time to watch every game during the season when Fall is also my busiest photography season.  This weekend however, was the Packers bye week so I was all good.  But when I arrived in Golden to meet the Swathwood family (first time Katie Derus Photography clients), Janine informs me that she accidentally set this shoot up SMACK in the middle of the Broncos vs Patriots game – you know, Manning vs Brady. all that. it’s kind of a big deal in football world – and these guys are huge Patriots fans (having recently moved to Colorado from Boston).  I told them I TOTALLY understood the issue here – these guys are my kind of people – and I had no problems in they wanted to check in on the score during the shoot and I would try to make thing as quick and painless as possible!  Luckily for them AND me they were total naturals at this whole family photo thing and we got awesome stuff and I think they still made it home in time for the game!  And the Pats won – so it’s a win all around (even for me because I am not a huge broncos fan – sorry colorado!) … meet the Swathwood family:






How cute are these kiddos!


How cute is she!?


Last family shot! Love this!


It was so fun to meet you guys and I’m glad we made this happen even during the big game ;) -Katie

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