Milwaukee Family Photographer :: Mason!

I hope you’re ready for A LOT of Fall in this shoot because oh my gosh we had leaves and pumpkins and gourds and more leaves and, of course, some Packer and Badger football!  And I LOVE it!! I wouldn’t necessarily say Fall is my favorite season, but this year it’s really making a strong case!  Or may just because I’m home again in Wisconsin and Fall is Wisconsin is truly magical. Anyway. Let’s get to Mason, because these pictures are soo cute and fun!  And while it was mostly all about Mason I had to get Mom in a few too since it was such a pretty setting and I wanted to warm Mason up to being a little baby model for me ;)


Mason straight up LOVED all the pumpkins around the house … and especially this one



blog_6blog_7blog_8blog_9blog_10Look at all those expressions!

Badger hat!


Babies. in. bowties. SO CUTE


Love these!


Thanks for having me Jody! Loved getting to see little Mason man! -Katie

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Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Anding Family

I hope you’re ready for some adorable-small-town-Wisconsin-in-Fall family photos because this is the PERFECT session full of all kinds of it! We wandered around the cutest little town of Cedarburg and the leaves were gorgeous and the weather was perfect and these kiddos were SO fun!! Check out the Anding Family –


Cutie Elise and Handsome Aiden!


When your yard looks like this, you just HAVE to throw leaves! :)


Love this one … can’t put my finger on why exactly, but I do!


Love this!


Love this bridge!


Thanks for having me out to do these you guys!! It was great to finally meet you all! -Katie

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Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Shacklady Family

Okay first of all. This family is so adorable I can’t wait to share these photos. These girls are just the cutest and funniest!  Secondly, I am so glad we decided to do them at Grant Park because the seven bridges trail was SO SO cool. I can’t believe it’s been here all along just outside of Milwaukee and I had no idea!  Thirdly, thank you Wisconsin for the amazing weather for Fall shoots!  Yeah sure it’s been cloudy, but it hasn’t been FREEZING so it’s a win! :)  And lastly, I’m so glad we got to do this shoot!  These guys are cousins of one of my best best friends so I’ve known them for a while now but we haven’t done any photos for them since little miss Iyla joined the family!  Check ’em out –


Lucy was a master explorer of all the bridges and trails!


Love both of these! Just a small glimpse into their personalities :)


Such sweet sisters together.


The trails lead out to a lovely little secluded beach on Lake Michigan which the girls – especially Iyla – LOVED!


Hahahah I’m just not exactly sure what Lucy is doing here but it cracks me up!


Those Fall colors…. love.


Thanks for meeting me and doing these you guys!! -Katie

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Milwaukee Lifestyle Photographer :: Lola, Lars, and Lorelei

Well. This is my last post from my marathon weekend of shooting in Denver. And dare I say I saved the best for last??? Well I can’t really say that because, for one, all my shoots were wonderful, and two, this shoot is so unlike anything I’ve ever done or posted when it comes to family photos!!  You see. This shoot is more of a lifestyle shoot. My sweet, amazing hairdresser in Denver has 3 adorable kiddos and she decided for her shoot she kind of just wanted to have it be the kids and have them exploring downtown Denver near union station which is SUCH a cool area. I loved the idea and I was totally on board to see what the results would be!  And I LOOOOVE how these turned out. They’re cool and different and fun and capture the real personalities of these kids!  If anyone likes how these turned out and wants to try something similar I would love to chat with you about some ideas! It was so fun! Now for the pictures starting with all-boy Lars instantly climbing on things :)


Cutie little Lorelei – she was def the most willing to look at me and smile hah!


Big Sis Lola was a little bit harder to get out of her shell at first but if I could catch her when she truly didn’t realize it, I got the good stuff!


love these.


This should totally be their christmas card!


Sorry for getting you in this Lydnsay but I just couldn’t resist you chasing that little rebel across the street ;)


Denver has these twin bridges and we were using one to take photos when we realized there was a man (not a worker or anything!) climbing down from the top of the other bridge!


These last few are some of my total favorites… the light was gorgeous and the kiddos were totally relaxed with me and we got some killer shots!


How cute is this?! Little Lorelei checking out some crazy recycled materials street art!


Thanks for thinking outside the box Lyndsay – I love how fun this was! -Katie

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Denver Family Photographer :: Laila is 1!

I have a few Denver kiddos who I was doing first-year packages for that I’ve had to go back and finish up their one-year-old photos and Miss Laila is one such sweet peanut! She’s also SO full of personality! I mean check out this little grin!


Love this!


We also ventured out to find some fall colors and fun settings!


We also met a little furry friend!



Happy first birthday sweet Laila!! -Katie

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