Colorado Engagement Photographer :: Jacqueline and Nathan

A few months ago I posted what ended up being PART 1 of engagement photos for my good friend and roommate, Jacqueline, and her fiancé, Nathan.  We had big ideas to do a shoot of them in semi-formal wear on a mountain top.  Obviously that is kind of crazy and WAY easier said than done.  But we knew she had this awesome full-length beaded dress that would be perfect and we were prepared to be a little adventurous with finding our spots! But between all of our crazy schedules (trips and moving and graduating and changing jobs and LIFE!) we had literally ONE chance do make these happen and of course the weather seemed like it was not going to cooperate.  But at the LAST minute (after driving ALL over and finally deciding to just head into Rocky Mountain National Park) the sun came out and it was GLORIOUS!


Two favs!


I mean look how cute they are!


Yeah I made them climb a rock in formal wear and dance :)


I CAN’T WAIT for their wedding!! -Katie

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Denver Family Photographer :: The Sullivan Family

I am SOO happy to be posting this family’s photos after the CRAZY time we have had (no thanks at all to the Colorado weather!) trying to get this session to actually happen!! Lucky this weekend we were all flexible enough and the Colorado weather was semi-accurate enough so we realized if we could make our shoot happen 2 hours earlier, we would be golden! And we totally had AWESOME weather and finished up just in time for the rain to blow in!!  And we got City Park nearly all to ourselves because the Colfax marathon had been there earlier in the day and I think people were avoiding it (and the impending rain!) so we basically got exactly what we had waited for! :)


Pretty Miss Alyssa girl!


Handsome Nick!


Love this!


Love these two shots!


I am soon glad we made this happen when we did, and I love how they turned out! -Katie

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Katie + Katie = The Most Fun Photoshoots

Sometimes there are just people in your life who you click with. They get you and you get them and even if you don’t get to hang out very often, when you do it’s like two peas in a pod! That’s my friend Katie of KB Digital Designs.  We met 5 years ago at a photography workshop and we see each other wayyyy less than we should.  But we do occasionally shoot together and now have a little bit of a tradition of getting together doing new “head shots” for each other and then grabbing dinner and drinks and catching up on our lives.  And we seriously have the most fun together.

This time we decided to meet down by Coors Field in Denver and do some photos around there. Well, turns out there was a Rockies game and we were dummies for not checking that before heading downtown.  There were people EVERYWHERE so that plan was out…. but we quick changed plans and headed up to the Denver Highlands instead. Turns out it was the best choice because we found some awesome spots!!  I want to share some of myself that Katie took first, and then I have some I shot of her after! :)  Katie- YOU ROCK, I LOVE THESE!


Pretty sure this was me laughing at the weird noises Katie makes when she shoots. They’re awesome! :)



Yeah I can’t keep a straight face for more than one click of a camera. Then I’m laughing :)


Outfit change! I am basically obbbbsessssed with this dress and I LOVE how it photographed.


My two favorites!


Just as we were finishing up the above shots, two guys came up to us and asked if we wanted rooftop access to the building and a great view of the city of Denver…. UMM YES!!  So quick outfit change and a sketchy climb up a ladder and a tiny fear of getting killed by these strangers later and BAM – these awesome shots!


We were losing light fast after our rooftop jaunt, but I love the dusk light and window glow from these!


Now for other Katie!!  This girl is so gorgeous and so fun and she made my job EASY!


I meaaaan … she even gets a perfect breeze to blow her hair ;)


Pahahaha love these!


I love this old film camera she has!!


Ummm yeah Katie you ROCK and should maybe just be a model!


We really need to do this way more often girl!! Thanks for the amazing new shots! -Katie

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Denver Family Photographer :: The T. Family

Denver has been really a jerk with the weather lately and ended up messing with a lot of my shoots, but this past weekend we had some wonderful morning weather (before afternoon storms!) and I got in this wonderful sunny shoot with this adorable family!!  They are awaiting the arrival of their 2nd baby in the next few weeks and I’m so glad we could get in a shoot of them as a family of 3.  It’s such a special time with your first baby before you welcome the next one!  And their little guy was such a sweetheart and such a pleasure to photograph!!


How cuuuute is he?!


Love this!


H. is SUCH an expressive little guy, and I loved capturing some of his looks! :)


Love this too!


Man, little boys get the BEST eyelashes!


How sweeeeet is he!


I hope you all had a wonderful mother’s day!! -Katie

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Denver Newborn Photographer :: Welcome to the World Zadie

I did Jenny and Joel’s engagement pictures a few years ago so I was SO excited when I heard from them that they were now expecting a sweet baby girl and wondering if I could come do their newborn photos!  Their sweet baby Zadie came nearly right on time and on a beautiful Spring day (prior to all the crazy cold and snow Colorado just got!) I headed out to their house to meet Zadie and take these photos! Congrats again you guys!


Love these sweet newborn photos! -Katie

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