Denver Family Photographer :: Max is 5!!

I can’t even believe my little buddy is 5 years old today. It’s actually quite mind-blowing. And he’s quite pleased with himself! ;)  Here’s a few fact about 5-year-old Max:

  1. He loves Legos. And is super into actually putting them together even though he’s very prone to skipping steps and then needing a grown up to help him  take it all apart and go back and fix it.
  2. He’s such a sweet kid and very empathetic. He doesn’t want ever like for other people to be sad or upset.
  3. He loves to read! Well – be read to. And especially audio books in the car!
  4. He’s super super goofy and will tell the weirdest jokes.
  5. He would always rather be in his PJs or comfy sweat pants than real clothes.
  6. He can and will talk your ear off.
  7. He’s a fearless dude. Especially on skis or a tall playground!
  8. He won’t listen to you when you’re actually talking to him, but he will overhear anything you don’t want him to hear when you’re talking with adults.
  9. He has to sleep with 8 million blankets/stuffed animals.
  10. He doesn’t love sweets but will eat you out of chocolate ice cream!
  11. He loves superheros and star wars even though he’s never really seen any movies of either.
  12. He is the cutest little man ever!!!

And of course we  had to get a few shots with Ella before we started Max’s 5-year-old shoot ;)


And with mom :)


Like I said, cutest kid ever


Also the goofiest kid ever.





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Denver Family Photographer :: The Brunetti Family

Well, Denver is very cold and snowy since Tuesday evening so it’s been so pleasant looking back at how warm and sunny my shoots from last weekend were!  And this family had great weather for their shoot, which made our exploring of City Park super fun – especially for Nicholas who’s a great adventurer! :)  Check out the Brunetti Family!


Such a cutie!


Of course we had to have some fun in all the fallen leaves…


We may or may not have spotted a BEAR outside the Museum of Nature and Science ;)


One last shot of one of the best views in Denver!


It was great to see you Brunetti family!! -Katie

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Denver Family Photographer :: The Hartung Family!

YOU GUYS!  This family – they were my first first-year-package ever 2 years ago when Miss Makelti was born and now they are my first family to come back for a second first-year-package for their new little one on the way in a few weeks!!  I was SO excited when Sara emailed me saying they were expecting again and I was maybe even more excited to see Makelti because she’s one of the cutest and sweetest little girls I get the pleasure of working with!  Check out this cute family!


Makelti has the best smile!


I meeeean … so cute!


Sara is such a lovely momma-to-be!


I love that Rocky the Boston has been included every step of the way since he was the only baby of the family!


LOVE this!



My favorite of this little peanut!


Thanks for coming out to do another round of photos, Hartung family! I can’t wait to meet the new little one! -Katie

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Lyndsay’s Head Shots!

So for basically my whole time living in Denver I have gone to the most wonderful hair stylist, Lyndsay, who does the best job ever!!  And I have also done her family photos for all these years now too!  So it’s safe to say I see her fairly often. :)  Recently she asked me to do some headshots for her and I LOVE how these turned out!!   Check out the ever-gorgeous Lyndsay-


Two of my favs!


You look awesome Lyndsay!  Can’t wait to see you again soon! -Katie

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Denver Family Photos :: The Grote Family!

The Grote family are newbies for me this year, but they were total pros for our shoot and I had a blast getting to know them!  And we even had a fair amount of fall color left to work with, which I love!!  And these kiddos were so fun to work with and had the best smiles ready for me! :)  Meet the Grote family:


Little Liam is definitely the center of everyone’s attention – HE’S JUST SO CUTE!


Handsome Brendan!


Gorgeous Alena!


Cutie Liam! (Those eyes!)


Love all of these!


Favorites of the kids!


hahaha just look at Liam’s face!  Love it!


One last family shot!


It was so great to meet you all, Grote family!! – Katie

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