Denver Newborn Photographer :: Welcome to the World Annabel!

Oh my gosh get ready for the sweetest, sleepiest, snuggliest newborn baby – Miss Annabel!! She was an absolute dream to work with and her parents are SO in love with her, it made me job so easy!!  It’s been a while since I got to do a newborn shoot, so this was a super fun one!  Meet Annabel –


The whole gang joined in for a few photos ;)


Hahah… love this!


Congrats on your new little lady, she’s the sweetest! -Katie

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Denver Family Photographer :: Bidelman Family

I can’t believe how long I have known some of my awesome clients… I’ve known this family since before they were a family and before Steph and Zac were even a couple! Crazy!! I am so glad I still get to see them from time to time and capture their sweet little family! :)  Check out these cuties:


Avery and Carter!


Love these!


Thanks for hanging out with me you guys!! -Katie

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Ella is 7 – Happy Birthday Ella!!

Every year I find myself shocked that another year has passed that I’ve been this sweet girl’s nanny and that she is, in fact, one whole year older. And man does 7 seem OLD! haha.  She’s a real deal big kid now. It’s NUTS!!  She’s the best and I’m so glad she’s in my life.  Even if she calls me out on a regular basis for being single at 29. ;)

Since we are currently packing up like crazy people for a weekend away and I’m writing this early to post while we’re gone on her actual birthday, I’m going to just write a few bullet points about this little lady:

  • She’s obsessed with her long hair. Even though we try to get her to get a bob haircut which would be ADORABLE… she loves it long so she can braid it or pony tail it or bun it or wear it down.
  • She’s soon goofy.  She loves goofy jokes and silly faces and laughing.
  • She’s SUPER positive. Totally glass half full. She looks on the bright side of even the darkest parts of her life (granted those are things like… her favorite leggings got a hole in them and we have to throw them out… “well, I’m really sad I have to throw them away, but … I guess… at least I have other pairs to wear.”)
  • She’s surprisingly competitive and aggressive. She seems really sweet and innocent but she’ll throw elbows out on the soccer field or swim her fastest race when she’s next to someone she knows is faster than her that she wants to try to beat.  It’s fun for me to watch because I’m uber competitive!
  • She’s a crazy good swimmer. I mean I know she’s only 6/7, but she’s probably already faster than me!  She’s great at freestyle, but loves breaststroke and butterfly the most which is ridiculous because those are so dang hard!  Her favorite race is the 100 IM – CRAZY GIRL!
  • Her favorite color is Teal. I think? … It changes rapidly.
  • She maintains a love of the Green Bay Packers despite all the Broncos propaganda she’s subjected too here ;)
  • She loves to sew. And Sew’s with my mom (Mrs. Captain) when she’s in Wisconsin.
  • Her absolute favorite food is Sushi.  Burgers are a close second. And all fruits – she hasn’t met a fruit she didn’t LOVE.
  • Speaking of food… she can eat SO much food.
  • She’s a big fan of one-on-one time where she can really sit and talk and be listened to without the interruption of other people. Namely her brother.
  • She loves books and is starting to work her way into reading small chapter books by herself!
  • Her favorite holiday miiiight just be the 4th of July. Although she loves whatever holiday is most recently occurring so I could be that…
  • She’s a really big hearted girl who loves to love her family and friends!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA BEAN!!  You are an amazing, talented, sweet, loving, goofy, wonderful little lady and I am so happy I get to be a part of your life every day!  You are also getting to be such a gorgeous lady who’s all gangly arms and leg and big smile … look at you!


Like I said… she loved 4th of July… this is her red, white and blue dress and red “heels” from the holiday this year!


Such a goofball.


Future modeling career??


One minute she’s nicely smiling, the next she’s a goof!


Love you bushels baby girl! -Katie

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Denver Family Photographer :: The Pizani Family

This sweet family is moving from Denver and caught me just in time to get a photo shoot before they leave town … and I’m so glad they did because it was SO nice to meet them and capture these images for them!! Plus they have a lot more change than just a move coming up – They just added a new little guy to the family AND Mom and Dad are getting married soon!! SO exciting! Check out this sweet family:





Love this too!


We may have snuck a couple “engagement photos” in our family shoot :)


Thanks for making this happen with me you guys!! Have a great move! -Katie

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