Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Vasquez Family

So the whole time we were planning this family’s session I had no clue that they were actually neighbors of my high school best friend’s parents. Her parents still live in the same house and I’ve been a handful of times recently and actually seen these cutie girls outside a few times! I also got to hear some funny stories about how Miss Kate likes to hang out with my friend’s Dad, Tom.  Check out these adorable photos!


How cute are these two sisters?! I meeeean.


Love this!


I could spend hours watching a toddler explore the world. It’s SO cute.




Love this one!


It was so great to OFFICIALLY meet you guys!! I’m sure I’ll see you around! -Katie

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Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Jensen Family

I gotta give a shout out to this family for making a pretty last minute decision to brave the weather while it looked like we had a break in the rain – because we DID have break and it worked out perfectly for these photos!  Also these girls were soo much fun and so adorable and I just love all these fun pictures!  Meet the Jensens –


Miss Brynn


Miss Audrey


And little Eliza –




It was  so great to meet you guys! – Katie

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Milwaukee Senior Photographer :: Celena and Elizabeth

I reeealllly don’t do enough senior pictures because they are SO fun!! And this weekend’s senior session was double the fun because it was with a pair of best friends!  Celena is my high school friend’s little sister (who was just a tiny gal back in the day and I can’t believe she’s a senior in high school now!) and thought I had never met Elizabeth, it was so fun to have the girls together to do these photos!  We were dodging rain all morning, but we made it happen and had a nice mix of urban and beach vibes and it was just a blast! Plus these gorgeous girls made my job EEEASY!  Here’s cutie Celena –


And lovely Elizabeth –


how cute is this!?




Some more favorites!


Love this to finish it off!


Good luck with your last year of high school girls! -Katie

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Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Bittorf Family!

Ohhh my gosh this family!  These guys live near my parents and I watch these kiddos two days a week and they’re my little buddies and I was so excited to get to do some family photos for them! It was so fun to see them and Miss Madds was such a good big sister and helper and Ethan is so hilarious and goofy – it was a blast! Here’s your family photos Bittorfs –




Love this one!


Hahaha creeper Ethan.


The cutest!


This was so fun you guys! Hope you like ’em! -Katie

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Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Miller Family + Some!

A few months ago I met the Miller family + Dad’s side of the family. We had a blast and got some great shots and now they’re back with Mom’s side of the family and I was so excited to see them again!  This time our shoot was in Fall, but the weather was somehow hotter than our first shoot in July – riddle me THAT Wisconsin?! Crazy weather.  But we meandered the gorgeous Lake Park and I love how these turned out!


Love these ones of the kids with their Grandparents and Uncle!


Why is kids sniffing flowers just the cutest?!


Love this!

Blog_12Blog_13Blog_14Blog_15Blog_16Blog_17Blog_18Blog_19Blog_20It was so great to see you all again! And meet the rest of the family! -Katie

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