Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The Hornung Family

Well it’s my first family photo post of 2017! Technically we did these at the very tail end of 2016, but since I’ve been back in Colorado for the New Year I didn’t get a chance to post these yet. :)  But get ready. Because it’s a great way to start out the year and I hope it’s setting a tone for how the rest of this year will be!! These guys were not only brave – I mean winter in Wisconsin is no joke and we shot out side! Although, to be fair, it was really nice out by Wisconsin standards! – they are so cute and were so fun to work with and there’s even a fun surprise at the end!!  Check out this whole extended family:


I love that they had fun with this even though it was chilly and it was a lot of work wrangling everyone for these!


How cute are these kiddos? Oldest, sweet, Truman.  Middle, funny, Cecilia. Little, Goofy, Porter!


Truman is clearly a great big brother!


Love this!


One side of the family:


And the other!


And the grandparents with the grandkids – these guys are all so lucky to have such wonderful family!


And then we did a few of just these guys….


Seriously, SO cute.




Gotta get a just Mom and Dad shot :)


And ready for the big surprise?  These guys will be welcoming baby #4 (!!) this summer so we did a little fun reveal photo for them to announce to everyone!  The kids mostly just loved getting to play with giant balloons haha!  But the bigger kids especially really understood they would be getting a new baby brother or sister soon and are so excited!


Hahah love this one!


Thanks for having me out to do these you guys!! It was a blast and I’m so glad the weather cooperated! -Katie

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Katie Derus Photography Best of 2016 – Part 2!

Are you ready for part 2 of my favorites?!?! Seriously this is so fun for me… I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am!  And this is a really special time of 2016 for me as it’s when I left Denver and started shooting in Wisconsin!  Since I talked all about my year in Part 1, I’ll get right to the images! Starting with these darling sisters:


We had AMAZING light…


Little Caleb’s 6 mo pictures were so cute!


Love this family and capturing them as a family of 4 with their new little lady!


I mean, how cute is she!?


In late August my best friend had her baby and I got to drive up to MN and meet little Vera. And I love her so much. And I love these images so so so much.


I love this.


Then another of my friend’s little sister got married which was my only wedding of 2016, but it was a DOOZY!


LOVE this.


One good looking wedding party!


This is one of my favorite pictures ever. It’s just so pretty and happy!


Of course, as soon as I left Colorado and I had to go back and finish up some loose ends with shoots and got to see some of my favorite CO families.


Levi turned 1!


How cute is this?!


Miss Laila also turned 1!!


LOVE this one. So sweet.


And I got to see my amazing hairstylist in Denver and do some super fun “lifestyle” photos for her of her 3 kiddos!


Back in Wisconsin I did these little girlies pictures:


Fall is the BEST!


Seriously, Fall.


Love me a little Packer baby.


The only senior pictures I did this year turned out so wonderfully!


Got to see one of my good friends and her sweet littles for a shoot…


Maternity photos + pups = fun!


These two kiddos. Such dolls.


Love this family.


And around Thanksgiving I had a few BIG family shoots. Which is awesome!


Another big family AND a handful of dogs!



One of my high school friends and her sweet family:


Oh these holiday outfits. Love them.


Tenley turned one!


Some more lifestyle photos – one of my favorite shoots of the year!


Caleb turned 1!!


Annnnd my favorite, favorite Colorado family:


A little bit of boredom + my Macro lens = this. And I want a giant print of it.


Snow is SO fun during a shoot!


Oh these brothers. SO cute.


And I’ll top it all off with this shoot from this week. These siblings!

blog_136Thanks to all my 2016 clients!! I love you all!! -Katie

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Milwaukee Family Photographer :: The H Siblings

Oh my gosh I am loving being back in Wisconsin. I get to see so many people I haven’t seen in years now! Like these two lovely ladies here. We went to high school together and the older one and I swam on the swim team together for the one fun year I decided to join the swim team on a whim haha!  These guys are the nicest family and I love that they decided to have some secret sneaky photos taken together as an upcoming gift for their parents’ anniversary.  Which is why I’m avoiding using any names – so no one can search them and find these hah!  So if you know them – don’t say anything to their parents!!  We’re hoping they won’t find my blog any time soon. ;)  Check out how fun these are:


Love both of these!


Just the boys and just the girls:


blog_6blog_7Thanks for braving the chilly Wisconsin winter you guys! I love these and can’t wait to see you all again! -Katie

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Katie Derus Photography Best of 2016 – Part 1!

It’s time for my favorite posts of the year!!  Every year since I’ve been consistently doing photography I have done an end of the year review post and it’s always so fun to get to look back through all the shoots I’ve done over the whole year. I love getting to relive the fun and remember the shots I had loved and sometimes I even find a new gem or two I didn’t realize I loved at first, but I do upon seeing it again!  But I think what I love the MOST is getting to see them all in one place like this post!

So let’s review the year. It was a big one for me!

Two of my closest friends got married. I took an amazing mother-daughter trip to Portugal (my first time out of the country in 10+ years)! I moved away from Colorado and back home to Wisconsin. I had some of my favorite picture OF me (ever!) taken by my good friend.  I’m currently helping my mom renovate an old little bungalow in Milwaukee which is quite an adventure. One of my best friends had a sweet little baby and now that I live back in Wisconsin I get to see them much more often. Really, it’s been an amazing year all around!  Now lets get to the images because thats the best part!

Starting with my first shoot of 2016. Engagement photos for my two good friends and roommates and Milwaukee/Denver fellow transplants turned re-plants and my packer game buddies!  We took a trip across Colorado to go ski Crested Butte and decided to make a photo adventure of it and I LOVE these! So hard to pick only a few!



One of my 2015 first-year babies had her 6mo and 1 year shoots in 2016 – how CUTE is Miss Laila?!


In March it was off to Portugal!  I JUST read an article this weekend about how Portugal is predicted to become the new hot place to visit and I can speak from experience when I say that makes perfect sense because it is GORGEOUS and amazing and the food is wonderful and the Portuguese people are the nicest and most welcoming ever. Don’t take my pictures’ word for it… GO NOW and see for yourself!


After Portugal it was off on another engagement photo adventure with my friends Jacqueline and Nathan.  We (well, Jacqueline and I ;)) had a vision of formal wear and mountain vistas and we decided it was worth the round 2 shoot to make it happen and I’m so glad we did!


Then it was another 2015 baby – turning 1! Such a cutie peanut!


Nothing like a sweet week-old baby!


And the start of summer saw the end nearing for both Jacqueline and I as nannies in Colorado. We had to take a few pics with the kiddos!


And then I had a shoot with this little guy who was about to become an older brother. Check out those blue eyes!


I also had a wonderful evening with my photography bestie – Katie Brewer – we did new promotional and fun photos for each other and then had dinner and drinks and it was glorious!


Yes she’s adorable. and she’s also a killer photographer.


I mean just check out the photos she did of me – she nailed it! And I never like photos of myself.


Then I did this family’s fun photos. I remember we had to reschedule like 4 times due to crazy circumstances. But it all worked out because they turned out SO perfect when we did them!


Oh gosh this shoot. These boys in their handsome outfits. HOLY CUTE!


And this sweet maternity shoot.  After I delivered these to Kate and Michael she told me how she felt kind of silly before going into the shoot, but after doing this and seeing how the turned out she was SO glad she did. I love that!!


This family was a new gang to me, but they totally rocked it!!


And one of my old favorite families – these guys are champs every time we do a shoot!! I mean just look at them!


hahahaha I love this!


This little lady turned 1 in summer!


She was pretty excited about it!


I hadn’t seen this family in a few years, but we did some new family photos for them and I LOVE this shot.  If you know me you know I love a good family walking shot! :)


Miss Tenley’s 6mo photos are some of my favs this year!


Such a doll baby!


In summer one of my college besties took a little (ahem, kind of big) RV trip across like 10 states and stopped for a few days in the wonderful Colorado mountains where I headed up to meet them and do some family pics!


Their little lady – Annie – is the cheesiest cutest little nugget baby ever. I might be biased but also its just the truth.


And another 6 mo shoot. Possibly my all time favorite age to shoot. BECAUSE JUST LOOK AT THE CUTENESS!


Brewer family and their land in the mountains – one of the best shoots of 2016 for sure!


how CUTE are these girlies?!


And that view!


Siblings – sometimes bitter rivals, often best of friends…


And how fun is it to be big sister with a little baby brother … love these:


I mean come on!


Like I said… siblings.  There’s nothing I love more than getting a genuine shot of siblings having fun together and loving each other. I know what it means to their parents to see images like this of their kids. I love capturing these moments.


Love this too!


My girl Ella turned 7 this summer. She’s the best. I miss her all the time, but so glad I get to see her fairly regularly!


She’s the cutest


and goofiest.


and best gal around!


My friend Steph had some new family photos taken – Love this one!!


Then baby Annabelle was born and she was the most perfect angel baby for her newborn shoot! LOVE these.


I meeeeeean – so cute!


This is a special one. My best friend had a baby late this summer. We grabbed like 15 minutes after her baby shower that I flew in for to take some maternity photos. Love these.


She’s gorgeous!


This family. The sweetest people. They have 5 kiddos and they’re easier than some families with 1 kid. Love doing their family photos!


How cuuuute are they?!


Love this.  It’s the perfect note to end on!


Thats all for the first half of 2016!!  Gosh so many images I love. I smiled the whole time writing this up. I love my clients!  And I’m ready to meet all my new Wisconsin clients! Stay tuned for Part 2 :) -Katie

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Milwaukee Family Photographer :: McCarthy Brothers!

I hope you are ready for some serious cuteness because these McCarthy boys brought their A game for this shoot!  Also. They happen to be cousins to little Mason from the previous post so that’s a fun little fact. And yes, yes this family does have some seriously adorable grandkids running around!  These boys are definitely all boy – running around like crazy and telling me 800 facts about Star Wars – but, they’re also such sweeties who are wonderful brothers to each other and so fun to be around! I mean just looooook at them!


Handsome Declan – oldest McCarthy dude!


Sweet goofy Cormac – Middle man!


Adorable Seamus – Baby brother!


How cuuuute is this?!


Such cute brothers.


When you’re super cute and you know it…


I made them run outside for a few pictures in the gorgeous fresh snow and I love these –


Have a great Christmas boys!! -Katie

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