A Colorado Weekend!

This past weekend I decided to do a little Colorado sightseeing. So I headed up to Aspen on Friday then got up early (SO early) to see the Maroon Bells at sunrise (probably the #1 things I’ve wanted to do since living in Colorado).  Then I played around in town for awhile (umm, Aspen is the cutest) before heading home via Independence Pass (my new favorite place in CO!) … and then when I got home I ended up on an impromptu sailing trip. Because what else do you think of when you think Colorado but sailing! ;)   Here are some photographic highlights of my adventures!  Starting with the INSANELY vivid double rainbow I saw from the top of the gondola in Snowmass:


I had a quick dinner before heading to bed so I could get up at 4am and drive the 45 minutes to Maroon Lake…  I got there in the PITCH black but as the sky started to lighten I made my way to the lake and this was my first glimpse of the famous peaks.


I was pretty excited. And also FREEZING.  I knew it would be cold and I dressed relatively warm, but it’s hard to go from 90’s in Denver to 30’s before sunrise in the mountains ya know?!


AND THIS. This is EXACTLY what I wanted.


Those golden orange peaks! Love!  and also can you tell I got up real early?! haha




At this point I had been standing out in 30/40 degrees for about 2 hours so I decided to call it good and headed back to Aspen.


Love me some sunrise light.


Aspen is actually this adorable.


The weather could not have been more perfect for the drive over Independence Pass (and Lord knows I wouldn’t do it if it was anything less than sunny) and the views were stunning!


Hiked a little bit through the old mining town of Independence


Top of the Pass!


ohhh the wild flowers … so pretty!


Yeah, not a bad drive. ;)

Blog_22Twin Lakes!


And last … a sailing adventure!


Really, I can’t complain about weekends like this!

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Denver Family Photographer :: The Peterson Family!

Are you ready to see the smiliest baby in the history of ever?!  Miss Analeigh was just as happy as a little clam for our shoot and I couldn’t stop smiling right along with her because it just makes my job so fun to be around a happy baby!  Meet the Peterson family:


Look at that happy little face!


Okay so all these pictures… it totally looks like were at the beach yes?  Well we’re definitely not. This is downtown Denver. Just right near a river that recently flooded and went over its banks and clearly dumped all this sand on the walkway!  Crazy!


Love this one!


Someone reeeeally likes mom’s necklace ;)


HA! love this!


One last family shot!!


It was so nice to meet you baby Analeigh! -Katie

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Today is Ella’s 6th birthday. Which is JUST INSANE TO ME. It means I graduated college 6 years ago. And moved to Denver 6 years ago. And have been watching Ella for nearly SIX YEARS.  Holy moly. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Ella is like family to me now.  I love her dearly and I am extremely proud of her accomplishments so far in life!  Here’s a little glimpse into what Ella is like at 6:

She’s goofy. So damn goofy.

She is so sensitive and empathetic.  Recently we’ve been listening to a Ramona Quimby book-on-cd in the car and in the book Ramona’s cat dies and sweet little Ella sobbed her eyes out because, as she said, she “feels so bad for Ramona because she loved her cat really a lot!”

She is FIESTY.  That girl will turn right around from her sweet moments and hold her own in any situation.

She’s (sort of surprisingly, if I’m honest) athletic. Okay I’m going to brag on her for a second here because, really, I’m just so proud of her! She joined a swim team this summer.  For 2 and a half months we’ve been going to the pool every morning for swim practice. And she’s now swam in 5 meets and she’s actually pretty dang good!!  And I love to watch her because A) I love swimming (and briefly was a competitive swimmer) so I love being around the pool B) I’m competitive so I love to have something to root for for a win ;)

Speaking of competitive: she’s that too. Like whoa. And I – being the hyper-competitive person that I am – love it!

She’s a crazy jet ski driver. Seriously, whoa.

She LOVES to eat. Especially any and all fruit, burgers, dessert, sushi … to name a few thing. But for as little as she is that girl can put down a TON of food.

She’s hilarious, but not on purpose.  When she tries to be funny, she’s usually just annoying (seriously, don’t ask her to tell you a joke. ever.)  But when you least expect it you will laugh your ass off around her.  Like yesterday. We have this rule that the kids are not allowed to open the door when someone knocks unless they know we are expecting someone to come over. So there’s a knock on the door and she looks at me and says, “Katie are you expecting anyone?” and I said no and she says, “yeah… me neither.”  As if she, the almost-6-year-old, would have made plans I didn’t know about and invited someone over.  So funny.

She just lost her first tooth!  With her grown-up tooth coming up like a shark tooth behind it the whole time it was getting lose and falling out. Then she got her dollar from the tooth fairy. And the next day decided to write the tooth fairy a letter and gave the dollar back so she could get her tooth back because she wanted to keep it for the memories of it being her first lost tooth. HAH!

She’s curious. OH IS THAT GIRL CURIOUS.  She asks 23o5734875 questions a day. And each question has a follow up question and a follow up question and they aren’t a simple “why?”   She asks so so many questions. And not just to me. To anyone – strangers, checkout people, other kids, other people’s parents…

And last, but not least, that girl loves the 4th of July. She loves it so much she chose a red, white, and blue “let freedom ring” cake for her birthday. (See, she’s funny when she doesn’t mean to be!)  And I think a lot of that has to do with good old Wisconsin. Because for the last 3 years now Ella and her family have come to Wisconsin to hang out and the lake and celebrate the 4th with my family!  It’s become a great little tradition and everyone LOVES it.  And with that in mind, we decided to do her pictures in Wisconsin and I’m obviously in love with how they turned out!

Also… Max really wanted to be included and Ella wasn’t ready yet (6 going on 16, that girl.) so even though this is Ella’s birthday post here are a few pictures of Max ;) …


These two little people. I love them.


Pretty girl!


Picking wild raspberries!


One of our favorite parts of the trip!


Ella’s favorite flowers in my mom’s garden: the lavender


outfit AND hair change? high maintenance ;)


The cutest peanut!


The lake is non-stop outdoor adventuring between the swimming and the boat and the jet ski and the countryside and the new friends…



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Denver Family Photographer :: Welcome to the World Violet!

I have been taking pictures of this little family for a few years now and it has always been just the three of them: Mom, Dad and Eva.  But now there’s a new member added to the family, and Eva is a big sister to baby Violet!  It was so fun to meet Miss Violet and see this new family of 4!  These might be some of my favorite newborn photos ever!!  Violet was a perfect doll baby for us and Eva is actually the cutest little lady – so my job was EASY! :)  Meet Violet!


It’s safe to say everyone is fairly obsessed with baby Violet


Cutie Eva!


Does it get any cuter?!


Love this one!


That little squishy faceeeee is so cute!


Loooove this one!


Such a cute little button nose!


One last shot! Another favorite!


So happy for you Laws family!! Miss Violet is perfect! -Katie

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Denver Newborn Photographer :: Welcome to the World Fiona!

Ooohhh I love newborns! They’re just so tiny and perfect and sweet and adorable!  Miss Fiona was no exception… she was just the cutest little thing!  And I love that I have now done newborn photos for her big brother and her!  Love this little family!  Meet baby Fiona:


So precious!


Newly minted siblings!


Such a cute little family of 4!


Love this! Mister Xander was far more interested in being cute for me than checking out his new sister ;)


look at those baby blues!


Welcome to this world little lady! It was a pleasure to meet you! -Katie

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