Denver Family Photographer :: The Lulay Family

Guys, get ready because this session is ADORABLE!  And so Colorado. Which is kind of perfect since that’s exactly what this little family wanted for their photos.  The Lulays are recent transplants to Denver so they really wanted to capture some of Colorado’s awesome scenery – and I think we managed to do just that!  Plus little Adelaide is SO cute, it made my job super easy!  We also got a lovely nearly 70 degree day for our shoot, which was perfect since we got snowed out on our previously scheduled day!  Meet the Lulay Family:


Gorgeous Miss Adelaide!


Love this!


Pahahaha!  I hope the one on the right ends up on your wall somewhere ;)


Love these!




A fav!


We had to bring in the family pup, Angus, for a few shots too :)


Last one!


I am so glad we got to do these pictures, Lulay family!! Crazy circumstances and all ;) – Katie

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Denver Family Photographer :: The Wagner Family

So as I mentioned in my last post (Brian and Teresa’s basically failed engagement photos) I have been 0-2 in my last sessions.  This time we not only had the weather to contend with, but what ended up being a very sick kid…  But let’s start from the beginning.  A little while back Carin and I had the BRILLIANT idea that we should do their family photos this year up in the mountains since they spend all winter up there skiing.  When we checked out Devil’s Thumb Ranch we were like YES THIS IS PERFECT!  Except we needed the weather to cooperate perfectly.  And it didn’t.  On top of the fact that Max had been up all night puking (and thus Carin and Alex had been up all night with him…) so we were playing with fire when we decided to just head out and try taking pictures anyway.  Max had a little breakfast and seemed to be doing okay and Ella (who slept through all the craziness during the night) was in a good mood so we figured the adults could just push through.

Alas. It just wasn’t meant to be because the weather was weirdly overcast – so you couldn’t really see the mountains we wanted, but somehow so so sunny – so we could barely open our eyes in the blinding white snow.  Cool.  So we decided to give up for a bit and get some brunch at the Devil’s Thumb Ranch restaurant and hope the weather changed.  Except Max drank a whole glass of orange juice (because apparently 3 adults couldn’t manage to figure out that wasn’t probably a great idea on what might still be an upset stomach) and as we all started to dig into our delicious food Max proceeded to projectile vomit his entire glass of orange juice and bagel from the morning.  So that was awesome. And our shoot ordeal was officially over.  And this was about all we got:


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Denver Engagement Photographer :: Brian and Teresa

I’ve basically been 0-2 on my last two shoots. Both just sort of imploded thanks in a very large part to good ole mother nature.  And I almost wasn’t going to share any of the photos I did manage to get because A) I just know I didn’t do an awesome job (again, thanks weather) and B) I’m hoping both shoots can be re-done under better circumstances and I will want to share those photos with you instead. BUT. I decided to share these from Brian and Teresa’s shoot today and the photos from the other shoot tomorrow – so stay tuned for more fun! ;)

Brian and Teresa are friends of mine. And I sort of convinced them that a snowy shoot would be SOAWESOMEGUYSYOUHAVETODOIT!  And they – being the adventurers they are – so kindly agreed to my crazy idea. Because I didn’t just want it to have snowed recently and then we go out on a nice day and shoot the pictures …. I wanted it to be actually snowing in the pictures. And I wanted it to be snowing A LOT.  And I figured if anyone would agree to this it would be these two.

So we waited. And waited. And winter never showed up for months. Until a few weeks ago when we started to get snow day after snow day.  Since we all work during the week we had to wait for a snowy weekend day and we finally got our opportunity – or so we thought. The forecast kept pushing the snow back in the day – which kind of ruined our plan, but we decided to head up into the foothills and hope it started to snow more when we got there.

Well snow more it did!  Except it went from light dusting of snow and a few flurries in the air to full-blown, snowing-sideways, crazy-windy BLIZZARD!  And we literally lasted about 8 minutes outside in it before we were frozen solid and realized we couldn’t even open our eyes – let alone take any good pictures – so we called it a day. And this is what we managed to get before we booked it back to the car and headed home.


A quick snow wipe before we tried to do some pictures….


And a visit from some puppies…


And a few good pictures???


Can you tell we were FREEZING? haha


“guys just pretend this isn’t miserable for 5 seconds…”


At this point we had been out for just a few minutes and we knew we were just done.


Thanks for attempting to brave the weather you guys!! We will find a good opportunity soon, promise! -Katie

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Denver Engagement Photographer :: Matt and Heidi

I mentioned yesterday how we had been having such wonderful weather in Denver this winter… until it decided to dump snow on us when I had a bunch of shoots scheduled!  Luckily for me, I have awesome clients who will brave a little snow for some really fun and unique pictures!  I can’t wait for Heidi and Matt’s wedding day this spring!!


Bahhh I’m so glad these two trusted me for this shot, because I love it!


A favorite!


Last one!


Thanks for braving the cold and snow for this shoot Matt and Heidi! I think it was totally worth it for these lovely snowy pictures! -Katie

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Denver Family Photographer :: Awadalla Family

Denver’s winter so far has been SO mild.  A lot of 60 degree days (or warmer!) and lots of sun!  It’s been a dream winter to do shoots… except that I’ve had virtually NONE until this past weekend where I had 3 scheduled just in time for it to dump 6 inches of snow on us!  Not to be deterred, the Awadalla family went ahead with our plans for a shoot and even braved the winter wonderland outside for some photos – which I love!!  AND! Little Deacon is my favorite, favorite age of 6 months old and he was such a cute happy dude!  And big sister Charlotte brought the laughs for everyone!  Check out this cute family:


Yeah, he’s actually THAT cute!


These two will have such a blast together!


Love these!


Yeah, we laughed a lot!


time for some snow!!


Look at this little snow bear!


Thanks for braving the wearer with me you guys!! -Katie

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